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Pakistan Naval Academy is the home of initial training of officers of Pakistan Navy.


It has also provided basic training to about 2000 officers of Allied Navies. It can proudly claim that the Chief of Naval Staff of Qatar Emiri Navy and many high ranking officers of Royal Saudi Navy as well as other navies in the Gulf are graduates of PNA. The Naval Academy gives professional, moral, educational, mental and physical grounding to the subordinate officers of the Navy, so that, with time and experience, they develop into proficient naval officers equipped with the highest ideals of loyalty, honour, courage and devotion to duty, which would be in conformity with the past Islamic history and future aspiration of the people of Pakistan.

In 1947, at the time of independence, lack of facilities and expertise forced Pakistan Navy to send its officers to UK for training. Though the training at UK was satisfactory; great financial burden, divergent operational requirements and cultural values compelled PN to start its own training in Pakistan with whatever meagre resources were available at hand. Consequently, in 1960, the Cruiser PNS BABUR was converted into Cadets Training Ship. Since then all officers of the Pakistan Navy are being trained in the country. During 1965 Indo-Pak War, PNS BABUR was made available for operational requirements and a modest Naval Academy was established at Manora. In 1970, the Pakistan Naval Academy was commissioned as PNS RAHBAR

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