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  • AMAL: (" AMAL Human Development Network is a non-profit organization founded in 1994 and based in Islamabad, Pakistan...[It] is working in education, gender and reproductive health sectors throughout Pakistan with particular emphasis on HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness, gender sensitization, reproductive health awareness and capacity building of NGOs and individuals.")
  • ANRD, ( Abbasia Network for Research & Development) is a forum of experts providing their services in diffirent fields since 1980. ANRD believe that by working together we could produce better results for the prosparity and well being of humanity. The main areas of activities of ANRD are Human Right including Labour Rights and child Rights, Gender issues, Child Labour, Rural Development, Education and Rehabilation of Special Childeren, Education for All, Women Enterpreneurship, Training & Development and HIV/AIDS.. ANRD is using latest and most effective means for its activities.

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