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Fiorentini26 Fiorentini26 30 September 2020

Pakistani Diaspora And The Need To Be A Part Of Digital Revolution

While digital revolution is taking over every aspect of life in modern economies of first-world countries, it is very important for diaspora groups to adapt to that change. Pakistan has a high number of people in Politics, Business and Health Services abroad; but the time has come that we start eduicating our coming generations to be more tech oriented. Most Fortune500 companies are chaired by asian diapora and this trend seems to grow more as asian people are very hardworking and curios to learn and move ahead.

  • Syed Moiz Balkhi
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An introduction

Hello/ Assalaam-o-Alaikum. I'm new to this wiki. Here are a few things about me;

  • I'm a proud Pakistani, I love to study history. I
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010shaharyar 010shaharyar 3 April 2010

shaharyar :i m an intrested guy from india.

i wants o make some pakistani friends for friendship because i wants a person who can help me to make some good relationship bitween our countries.reply me through

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