May 19th Facebook Ban: Damage Assessment[edit | edit source]

On May 19th the Lahore High Courst issued a notice to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority requesting a ban on the Social Networking site, Facebook ...Continued

With immediate effect Pakistan's blog-sphere and Twitter-sphere jumped into action to protest the ban. A Twiter hashtag, #FBbanPk was created where Freedom Advocates and activist from the Pakistani diaspora have been shown at outcry at the ban.

Presently leading the campaign are @DrAwab, @Ramlas, @hushamahmed,@arrafiq

A dedicated Wiki page has been setup. You are encouraged to share any information that you have regarding the recent incident here.

Internet Filter Status[edit | edit source]

See Internet Filter Status

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The Don't Block the Blog page is central site for tracking this. You can add material to this page yourself if you want.

Websites Reported as Blocked in Pakistan[edit | edit source]

The following websites are reportedly banned in Pakistan, the references are mentioned in brackets.

Internet Freedom Resources[edit | edit source]
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) [blogger newswire that appears in google news]
1world communication
GLIC (Global Internet Liberty Campaign) -
Association for Progressive Communications (APC) -  Rapid Response
Network -
International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) -
human rights watch new york -

Internet Censorship Around The World[edit | edit source]

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