May 19th Facebook Ban: Damage AssessmentEdit

On May 19th the Lahore High Courst issued a notice to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority requesting a ban on the Social Networking site, Facebook ...Continued

With immediate effect Pakistan's blog-sphere and Twitter-sphere jumped into action to protest the ban. A Twiter hashtag, #FBbanPk was created where Freedom Advocates and activist from the Pakistani diaspora have been shown at outcry at the ban.

Presently leading the campaign are @DrAwab, @Ramlas, @hushamahmed,@arrafiq

A dedicated Wiki page has been setup. You are encouraged to share any information that you have regarding the recent incident here.

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See Internet Filter Status

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The Don't Block the Blog page is central site for tracking this. You can add material to this page yourself if you want.

Websites Reported as Blocked in PakistanEdit

The following websites are reportedly banned in Pakistan, the references are mentioned in brackets.

Internet Freedom ResourcesEdit
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) [blogger newswire that appears in google news]
1world communication
GLIC (Global Internet Liberty Campaign) -
Association for Progressive Communications (APC) -  Rapid Response
Network -
International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) -
human rights watch new york -

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