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In addition to direct donations to worthy causes, corporations, especially in the US, will often match employee donations to specific, pre-qualified (or often even any registered) charities. Here is a partial list of the corporate response to the crisis situation in Pakistan since July 2010:


  • Pakistan: Corporations and Flood Relief, Jen Phillips, Mother Jones, Fri Aug. 20, 2010 1:15 PM PDT

Corporate Foundation Engagement[]

  • Hashoo Foundation

Pakistani Charities "Listed"/Certified for Corporate Match[]

Imran Khan Foundation[]

The list of companies Companies where IKF is registered for Matching:

  • Microsoft
  • The Economist
  • Verizon
  • GE Foundation
  • BHP Billiton
  • DirecTV

Corporate Matching List (alphabetical)[]

An earlier update on the Floods 2010 Donating page said the following. We need to follow up on each. Corporations that have been covered in the table below are crossed out.
Thus far the following Corporations from Silicon Valley are offering matching employee donations
Cisco - Already under way (80% of target) (Contact person: Imran Qureshi) - Intel - Altera -Xilinx-Google -Qualcomm - Oracle/Sun - Completed (Contact person: Sarim Siddiqui)Broadcom - Apple - SAP - Microsoft - Juniper - Yahoo -Synopsys -Cadence -Mentor
Company Name Corporate Point of Contact Donations Regular Matching

Relief Specific Matching

Qualifying Organizations Corporate Broadcast
Altera No
AMD None None No
Cisco Imran Qureshi ? $1,000 $250 k match for employee donations CARE, American RedCross, Islamic Relief USA and more Yes

Badar Khushnood, Google Pakistan Country Consultant

Donated $250 k ? Islamic Relief, Hidaya, HDF, HHRD, TCF, RedCross, UNICEF and more Yes
Intel Jawid Mirza (Sadia Mirza), Muhammad Shahzad Ali, Asim Sadiq Donated $100k to American Red Cross -Pakistan flood relief Matching dollar for dollar upto $2k per employee ($30k raised by August 16)-deadline 9/30/2010 Hidaya, Mercy Corp, TCF, HDF or Red Cross and more Yes
Johnson & Johnson Announced Employee Match August 19 Need confirmation
Mastercard Vanessia Wu Pakistan Flood Wu Company Matching Numerous Yes
NVIDIA Fahim Shafi None $500 per employee Separate fund for disaster relief Almost all US-based 510(c)(3) ogranizations Posted on company intranet
Oracle None $300 per Employee Request in process Not yet

Sabrina Akhtar

Irfan Zaman

Edhi, TCF, UNICEF, CARE, Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, Hidaya Foundation Yes
RiverBed Technology Employee Donation Match up to 10k MERCY Corps Yes