The Pakistan Crisis Wiki is a sub-site on WikiPakistan (this site) that is focused on collecting, documenting, and helping organize resources for handling emergent situations in Pakistan.

For Commons (resources held in common by the community) on emergent/crisis situations in Pakistan, please see the Pakistan Crisis Commons

Humanitarian CrisesEdit

Note: Crisis monitoring and relief work started on this wiki in the immediate aftermath of the Earthquake in 2005 and since then, work by the main administrators of this wiki that needs an online presence out of just collecting information, has moved to the SA Relief website at:

and is managed under the auspisces of the Pakistan Science and Educational Foundation (PakSEF):

Political and Social CrisesEdit

For crises that have a political cause but involve or lead to a humanitarian situation and need humanitarian intervention, see the section on #Humanitarian Crises or go to to have fun

National CrisesEdit

The “French Revolution”, Syed Ali Raza Abidi, 9th September 2010 on the AAJ News blog:

External Crisis Pakistanis and Diaspora are Active onEdit

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