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For people detained in the Emergency 2007, see Emergency 2007 Detainees.

Categories of "Disappeared"[]


Documentary: Missing in Pakistan[]


Recent Updates, News, etc.[]

June 2008[]

November/December 2006[]

  • The disappeared
A hundred beats, Fatima Bhuto, The News International, Tuesday, December 19, 2006
  • The Missing
Pakistan's response to dissent: abduct and kill the dissident, MARIANA BAABAR, Outlook India, Dec 04, 2006

September 2006[]

July 2006[]

NOTE: Following the disappearance and then discovery of the body of journalist Hayatullah Khan last month, as of early July 2006, the BBC's Urdu service has kicked off an interesting debate about "political disappearances" in Pakistan. This WikiPakistan page about the issue was started then.

Here's the English article about the debate on the debate about the issue:

The video for the discussion is available off of:

or, to be more precise:

I am thinking we should do English translations of the Urdu articles? Is anyone following this? Here's what I have so far in terms of a list of all the articles, so we can have them in one place and translate them:

April 2006[]

ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION - GENERAL APPEAL (Pakistan): Alarming situation of forced disappearance of political and human rights activists in Balochistan

18 April 2006