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In addition to direct donations to worthy causes, corporations, especially in the US, will often match employee donations to specific (or often any registered) charities. Here is a partial list of corporate support during the relief period after the quake in 05. (The list is mainly about US-based donations):

  • Intel: Raising their match to $10,000
  • Motorola: $500,000 cash donation
  • Coca Cola: $2 million donation
  • GE: $100,000 donation
  • CISCO: $ for $ matching up to 1 million donation
  • IBM: up to 350, 000 donation
  • Exelon: $125,000 and matching up to $125,000 donation
  • Citigroup: $1 million in donation and up to $2 million in matching donations.
  • SAP: Will match donations up to a unknown total amount.
  • Microsoft: Offering funding and technology resources