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Documenting political developments starting on November 3, 2007 and the social, economic, and other ramifications.

Quick Sheet: To Do List, Civil Society Demands, Contacts[]


Protests, Press Conferences, etc.

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  • Justice Shahid Siddiqi has been told to vacate his residence 14 Tollinton Road, GOR Lahore by tomorrow or otherwise the government will be forced to throw his belongings on the road. We have information that this eviction may take place anytime from 8 am tomorrow onwards.
  • Our plan is to make a 'dharna' outside his home in the presence of the media from 7:30 am on. Please join us in this effort - it is extremely important to show force. As this could take the whole day, it's best for all concerned to rotate so that we have a sizeable presence at all times

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