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Note: This section overlaps with Floods 2010 Info

People FindersEdit

Note: This section overlaps with Floods 2010 Info
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Children at RiskEdit

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Special Financial Facilities (Free Transfers, etc.)Edit

Travel Services for Volunteers and DonationsEdit

Air Freight/Shipping (International)Edit

The US Consulate in Los Angeles has stated that PIA will provide free air freight for relief material. The details about PIA's free of cost shipment of donations can be grabbed at:

Send relief goods to flood affectees - free of cost

PIA has developed a Life Box which will provide high energy food & liquids to sustain a four member family / group for 2-3 days each: and

and is working with Fakhr-e-Alam, the entertainer.

Shipping DocumentsEdit

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Overland Shipping (in Pakistan)Edit

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WebSites and OrganizationsEdit

  • Nayee Dharti on the Dharti wiki:
Facebook page at:
  • Flood Rehabilitation Through Design
First meeting:
  • Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP)'s Flood Redevelopment Fund:

Articles, Op-Eds, PapersEdit

  • Pakistan floods: Preparing an early recovery plan, Raza Rumi in Pak Tea House, AUGUST 22, 2010, 7:29 PM:
  • Mohsin Hamid article <>

Background: Development, etc.Edit

See: Floods 2010 Info#Development Resources

Legal, Tax, etc.Edit

In PakistanEdit

In the USEdit

  • From the organizing around Earthquate Relief in 2005, there is this report:
"Guidance to Promote & Protect Charitable Giving: Earthquake & Hurricane Relief Efforts: Guidance to Promote & Protect Charitable Giving" is a document prepared by Muslim Advocates (, a charitable initiative of the National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML) (

Canada InfoEdit

  • Canadians can make donations to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for South Asia Earthquake relief by going to the Red Cross donations website. Islamic Relief Canada is also a registered Canadian charity and is collecting relief fund. See Islamic Relief Canada website. Canadian donors can also receive tax receipts for their online donations.
  • The Edhi foundation has a Canadian presence. See Edhi Foundation


See Crisis Commons#Global Technological Activism

Tips, Guidelines, etc.Edit

  • Tips on setting up an effective online fundraising campaign:

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