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2013 Convention in Connecticutt[]

No separate website or page; details on the home page of the NED International Alumni Network of North America (NEDIAN-NA):

2012 International Convention in Washington, DC[]


2011 International Convention in New Jersey[]

2010 International Convention in Chicago[]


July 30th to August 01, 2010
Host Organization
NED Engineers Association (NEDEA)
Westin O'Hare, Rosemont
Convention Highlights
Visit down Memory Lane
Networking Opportunity
Technical Sessions
Panel Discussions
City Tours
Meena Bazaar
Gala Banquet
Evening Entertainment
Contact Info
Anis Paya 312-617-4663,
Haroon Sheikh 312-545-3974,
Tanweer A Mallick (Mohammadi) 847-343-7400
For further info

2009 US Convention in Los Angeles[]


Event details coming up.

Event site:

2008 US Convention in Connecticutt[]

NED 2008 009.jpg

On November 1, 2008 the NED Alumni Association of New England hosted NED Alumni 4th annual convention at the Marriott in Farmington, Connecticut. The conference was designed to help establish a more effective collaboration between NED University and its Alumni in the United States by:

  • Discussing the help that Alumni can provide to NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET);
  • Discussing current ranking of NEDUET in Pakistan;
  • Explaining the significance of curriculum and technology in an institution and how NED standards differ from other top-notch institutions in countries as US and India.

The convention was highly successful. It attracted an attendance of about 150 in the morning session of panel discussions, while in the evening the dinner and entertainment session was attended by over 400 guests. These guests had traveled from all parts of the country including California, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Canada.

More info at:


2007 US Convention in Silicon Valley - September 8, 2007[]

Roll Back Time ... Celebrate NED and its Rich Heritage
On the 8th of September, 2007, the Silicon Valley alumni of the NED University of Engineering & Technology celebrated 86 years of history and achievements. This was a full-day conference with lively panels of NEDians at Tech Mart in Santa Clara, CA followed by an evening banquet at Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Jose, CA with sumptuous food, keynote by Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, comedy entertainment by British-Pakistani comedian Shazia Mirza, and nostalgic Pakistani music by local NEDians and others.
Coverage, pictures, etc. can be found on NED Nama - این ای ڈی نامہ, the NEDian Blog.
  • Visit PakAlumni [1] social network spawned by NEDians Convention 2007
  • Browse NED Alumni logo merchandise [2]

2006 US Convention[]

2005 US Convention[]

Regional Events[]

  • Chicago Area: Picnic by NEDEA, June 2007

Multimedia and Web 2.0[]

Video for 2011 NJ Convention[]

Web 2.0 Collections[]

SCOPE Get-Together February '07 (Southern California/Los Angeles Area)[]

Civil '97 Video Memoir[]


NED Civil 97-97 a Memoir

Batch 80-81 Mech Get-to-together[]


NED Batch Mech 80 Reunion 2004 Title

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  • Note: Several of the lists under #Batch- / Class-wise are pretty active; and several are very open to any NEDians joining.

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Lists dominated by NEDians

Within Organizations[]

  • Cisco Systems has an internal list for NEDians.
  • Microsoft Corporation has an internal list for NEDians.

Alumni Activity, Achievements, & Service[]


  • TBA

Professional Groups Started By NEDians[]

Papers, Essays, Lectures[]

  • Musharraf Ali Farooqi


Speaking, Conferences, Keynotes, etc.[]


  • Ali Ahmed Minai, Electrical '80-81
    • Compilation of Urdu Poetry - published in 2005
  • Anzar Salam & Ameer Azam, MD (Medical Engineering), Batch '05-06'
    • Mobile Robots: Paradigm Approach for designing & Development of Algorithms for Autonomous Path Planing and Navigation
  • Aquila Ismail, Electrical ??-??
    • Amazon search results
    • Godavari by Fehmida Riaz (Translation) Oxford University Press , Pakistan
    • Harvest of Anger and Other Stories by Asad Muhammad Khan (Translation), Pakistan Writer Series, Oxford University Press, Pakistan
    • Zindabhar Lane by Fehmida Riaz(Translation), City Press, Karachi Pakistan
    • Microcredit Programme of Opp-Orangi Charitable Trust, Gazelle Distribution Trade (January 1, 2006).
      Available on Amazon
      ISBN-10 1463694822 ISBN-13:978-1463694821
    • Of Martyrs and Marigolds, CreateSpace (February 27, 2012)
      Available on Amazon
      Preview of Newsline Interview

      Preview of Aquila Ismail Interview

  • Harris Khalique, Mech, Batch '84-85
    • Aaj Jab Huwee Barish, Irtiqa, 1991
    • If Wishes Were Horses, Irtiqa, 1996
    • Saarey Kaam Zaroori Thay, Fazleesons, 1997
    • Divan, Ceen, 1998
    • Unfinished Histories, Alhamra, 2002
    • Between You and Your Love, Fazleesons, 2004
    • Ishq Ki Taqveem Mein..., Daniyal, 2006
  • Jami J Shah, Mech, Batch '72-73
    • Parametric & Feature based CAD/CAM, John Wiley, 1995
    • Feature based manufacturing, ElSevier Science, 1994
  • Khalid Raza, EE, Batch '82-83
  • Musharraf Farooqi, ??
    Note: Musharraf is not technically a graduate of NED, but is definitely part of the "NEDian" community, see: .
    • SALAR JANG'S PASSION, Summersdale Publishers, 2002
    • THE STORY OF A WIDOW: A NOVEL, Knopf Canada, 2008
    • THE COBBLER'S HOLIDAY or Why Ants Don't Wear Shoes, Illustrated by Eugene Yelchin, A Neal Porter Book/Roaring Brook Press, 2008
    • THE ADVENTURES OF AMIR HAMZA, Ghalib Lakhnavi & Abdullah Bilgrami, A complete and unabridged translation by Musharraf Ali Farooqi with an introduction by Hamid Dabashi, Random House Modern Library, 2008

Faculty in Universities[]

  • Shah Jamshed Jami, ME Batch 1973
    AKA Jami J. Shah, Ph.D., Professor, Fulton School of Engineering Arizona State University, Tempe AZ 85287-6106
    Director, Design Automation Lab
    Chief Editor, ASME Transactions Journal (JCISE)
  • Kamran Ali Khan, CE Batch 1984-85
    Faculty member
    Dept. of Telecom. & Comp. Engr.
    FAST-NU, Karachi Campus.

Community Service (including Politics)[]

Alumni Community Service[]


Professional/International Sports[]

Mountain Climbing, Adventure, etc.[]

  • Aman Ashraf, first Pakistani to scale K2 (Mt. Goodwin-Austin)



  • ABN Chicago had at least three active NEDian team members (Shahran Asim in production and hosting, and Sabahat Ashraf, "iFaqeer", doing a tech segment, helping with online publishing, and other input, as well as Rauf Tabani providing commentary from Pakistan.)
  • Azad Karachi Radio had an all-NEDian founding team: iFaqeer (Sabahat Ashraf CSE, Batch '87-88) and Ali Hasan Cemendtaur, Mech, Batch '80-'81(?)
  • Brasstacks, show on geo-politics on Express TV has Zaid Hamid (Syed Zaiduzzaman Hamid), CSE, Batch '82-83, as the main expert.
    He also has/appears on other shows such as Iqbal ka Pakistan and so on.
  • Chowk has an NEDian founder, Safwan Shah, EE, Batch '80-81(?)
  • "DEEN DIALOGUE" & "SIRAAT-E-MUSTAQEEM, the former a religious program focusing upon graas root issues like TAUBA, GHEEBAT, JAZAA-U-SAZAA etc and the later, a socio-religious program pitched for the youth, aired LIVE on TV One , hosted by Kamran Ali Khan, CE, Batch '84-85.


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