Best way is to get involved with the site.

Contribute and Edit[]

Basically, visit the site and, when you see a page you can add something to, or correct, just hit the "Edit" button/tab at the top.

You can find a list of pages other visitors/editors have requested at: Pakistan:Requested. Just click on a link to create the page and add information. Or hit Edit at the top of that page to add items you would like information on.

This wiki aspires to cover every aspect of Pakistani life; so there is always something you can add--or are the best person to help us perfect. What's your vocation? What do you know about what's happening in that field in Pakistan and the diaspora? What do you know? What do you want to find out? What are your hobbies and interests? What can you help define--or ask--in those areas?

And don't worry about format or language or anything, at least in the beginning. As you go along, you can learn the formatting rules (easier than HTML) and so on. The beauty of the Wiki form is that others can build on what you put in. Edhi's are doing great work to help people world wide , you can be a part of it right now ! What are you waiting for ?

If still stuck for ideas, please see Category:Wikia maintenance.

Register as an Editor/Contributor[]

If you stay at the side for any length of time, create an account--again a very short form:

Then, whenever you see a piece of info that should be in that database, go and put it there--make your best guess for where it should go; other users can improve it as we go along.

Get the Word Out[]

Pass the word around. If you have a blog or website, mention us; e-mail folk. It is recommended to not irritate people, but mention it where it seems appropriate.


We still need one. Please consider helping design and/or create one. The only requirement is:

  • It needs to be copyright-free or an original work of art that the copyright owner agrees to make available under GFDL

Extraneous Contribution to be moved[]

i cant help with aid but i can help with graft i have a plan for a pyramid tent that will leave them self sufficient evapourates seawater to provide fresh and also an indoor working farming enviroment which crops cattle milk poultry eggs and freshwater and base salt will be the products


there it is working cad drawing, it will take a small fraction to build from the aid money, if u want to discuss this meet me at imvu listen radio if im AFK i will pop in at some time