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Earthquake 10-05-Related

Please add to this list -- or at the very least email me ( with material you need up here ASAP. This includes important emails and updates to what is urgently needed in terms of coordination.




Current status


Martina Jacobs (admin) Dir. Alumni Relations, Heinz School
  • Helped us get the table at Heinz HC
Nancy Fritsch (admin) Administrative Coordinator, Heinz School
  • Helped us get the table at Heinz HC
  • Has asked us to attend the Box/Lunch Dean's presentation in 1000 at 12:30 on Saturday -- we MUST attend! It's the least we can do!
Judith M Cole (admin) Associate Vice President for University Advancement and Director of Alumni Relations
  • Need to let her know of any arrangements and/or plans in conjunction with Homecoming (10/26)| |
URGENT: Waiting
Kishma DeCastro-Sallis (admin) Asst. Dir of Undergrad Admissions, Tepper School
Cathy L. Silvern (admin) Associate Director for Academic Programs Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises
  • Organizing tents & toys drive
  • Contact her to coordinate
  • Has offered to sit at the Heinz HC Quake desk from Fri 4-6pm, Sat 1:30-4pm
  • Contact her to confirm!!!
URGENT: Waiting
Marie Coleman (admin) Director of Development, Heinz School
Sofyan J Yusufi (alumnus) Member, Heinz School Alumni Executive Board (AEB) Keep him updated at all times Needs update Email (10/24)
Karl Sjogren (student) SARC / Homecoming Chilli cookoff / Greek Council Waiting on us to get in touch with them regarding HC weekend (10/26) URGENT: Waiting Email (10/26)
Lisa Krieg (admin) Director, Office of Int'l Education Waiting on us to find out how our projects are going and how they can help (10/26) Waiting
Ravinder Reddy (?) Dept of Psychiatry
  • Wants to help - esp in delivering medicines
  • Waiting on us to let him
Needs update
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