This is a section dedicated to the religions practised in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a nation of multi-language people with Islam as the major and state religion. Other significant religions that exist in Pakistan are: Chirstianity, Hinduism, Buddhist.


The Idea/Philosophy of Islam lies in the statement:

 "There is no God except Allah, and Muhammad (SAW) is the messenger of Allah".

This statement known as Kalma-e-Tayeba is on one side is so simple and easy to understand, and on the other side it has depth more than the depth of the seas and hight more than the hight of skies.

To ellaborate it in a simple way, Kalma-e-Tayeba has to components:

  * The declaration of the oneness of God
  * The declaration of Muhammad (SAW) as the messenger of God

In order to further ellaborate Kalma-e-Tayeba and Islam, further subsections would be required.

Minority Faiths[]

Pakistan also has significant religious minorities. See Minorities