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Saraiki (Punjabi, Saraiki: سرائیکی), transliterated as Sarāikī and sometimes spelled Seraiki and Siraiki, is a dialect of Punjabi language. It is spoken by 50 million people in Punjab.

چھلا میڈا جی ڈھولا

Map of Saraikistan

Govt of Pakistan is not conducting census. According to the Census of Pakistan in 1998 the Population. So there are 60 million Saraiki people. In Sindh there are 20 million Saraiki Punjabi people. Hence in Pakistan the Saraiki people are more than 80 million. If we count other dialects similar to Saraiki this Population may cross 100 million. According to a Hindko website there are 12 Crore Saraiki. saraiki-hindko-conference-a-rportage/ According to a letter No 20-/R&D/09 dated 20-01-2010, of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad. The number speaker of Saraiki dialect are more than 120 Millions. Combining all the sources in Pakistan 40% people are Saraiki. see ,

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پنجاب دے سرائیکی علاقے
Major Ethnic Groups in Pakistan
Saraiki language map
Saraiki Region in Sindh and Balochistan
Saraiki Districts


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