11 World Trade Center on Anniversary in Urdu

11 World Trade Center on Anniversary in Urdu

Who will forgot the Islamic terror attack, September 11 attacks, by Al-Qaeda, which destroy the World Trade Center, today i will show you the unbelievable predictions by the non-muslims made series, which were giving the clues (how they planed 9/11 attacks). 9/11 was a inside job, against Muslims.

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Predictions Edit

These are the several predictions:

  • March 19, 1979, a VIA PIA Newspaper published the photo of World Trade Center, without any reason, which is unbelievable to identify.
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  • The American enjoyable series, Johnny Bravo, predicted or planed the same image, what happened on September 11, 2001.
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  • The X Man comic book series, also predicted about this attack.
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  • In 1997, in the German Mario Comic, predictions shows this terror attack.
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  • In 1983, the American cover book also predicted this accident.
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  • The Simpsons series, which has predicted many other incidents, also predicted this attack in a book.
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  • In 1976, the Kuki master is hugging the World Trade Center. featuring "Monster on the Loose!"
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  • The BBC reporter predicted about 9/11 attacks, just before 20 minutes, this becomes the mysterious thing.
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Reports Edit

  • NIST published the report that the building was not fell due to the plane crash, but fell with the underground bombs.
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  • 75% of American scientists reports that it is not possible that, 19 billion terrorists entered and hijack the plane.
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  • Americans reported that they had identified the passports of terrorists, (but how it can be possible, to find the passports, with the destroyed ares).
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  • The person who created the Towers said that it is not possible to destroy that buildings with the fuel of plane.
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People involved Edit

  • The Islamic terrorists Taliban asked for the the proofs that Osama Bin Laden is involved in the attack, so they will punish him, if he is really the guilty person, but they gave the claimed proofs to General Pervez Musharraf to enter in Pakistan.
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  • The Israeli Intelligence Agency (Mossad) said that Jewishs were also working near to the World Trade Center, but the reports were saying that not one Jewish has been died, if it was truth so CIA should tell Israel, for there deaths.
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