This is a
Earthquake 10-05-Related

1. Talk to Heinz/CMU for Storage space for the relief goods.

2. Set up tables at the UC

3. Put posters / printouts-on-colored paper EVERYWHERE (bus stops, school entrance & *exits*, parking lot)

4. Provide Sharjeel (412 377 0559) with the content for the poster, ask him to deliver them ASAP.

5. Once posters are printed, tab in the arab community, there is a mosque in Oakland, distribute posters at Aftaar there, they usually have a large attendance for Aftaar everyday.

6. Distribute poster and handout at Oakland Cafe.

7. Ask current students to distribute the handouts in every class, even better ask the professors, they are always keen to help.

Ask volunteers for their commitment on the homecoming weekend.

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