Congratulations on starting this project. I hope the Almighty Allah will help you make this a grand project. As a Sikh I have great respect for Pakistan and its people as they are the lucky guardians of Guru Nanak's birth place and other great saints like Baba Shiekh Farid. Wishing you all the luck and blessings for this wonderful endeavour.--Hari Singh 23:59, 5 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Media/Information/Help ContactEdit

For information, to get help, etc. you can email the Founder/main volunteer admin for this Wiki by clicking here.

Calling all Pakistanis Edit

Pakistan is a country that has yet undiscovered weatlh of rich history and culture. Working together nations have built fortresses and pyramids, why can't we make up a decent place for Pakistan on the World Wide Web. For this wiki to progress, we'd need more and more ideas to drop in. Consider this a starting point for all the ideas regarding what might be beneficial to the readers of this wiki. - Arunreginald

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