This is a
Earthquake 10-05-Related
Page is a new viral email and web campaign building upon the North Face Gear Drop.

Your Mission: Organize friends and family to gather the materials and get them, with good will messages to emergency collection points.

  • Send this message to people you know, and watch your impact grow.
  • Send your gear off!
    • Between now and Nov 23, you can deliver them to selected North Face Retail stores. See
    • You can also ship directly to Kashmir Earthquake Relief 1835 Apex Avenue Los Angeles, CA. 90026 USA Phone: (323) 660 5400 Fax Number: (323) 660 5447

Organize related initiatives here!Edit

  • caravans to NorthFace
  • door to door campaigns
  • children's school projects

We need volunteers!Edit

  • Publicity-- Stephen Jacobs
  • Web Page Development -- Keith Simmons
  • Post-Thanksgiving Shipping arrangements --Antoinette Matlins
    • If sending US Postal Service:
      • WAJC, Pakistan Relief Project, PO Box 526, Woodstock, VT 05091
    • If via UPS/FedEx or other similar carrier, send to:
      • WAJC,Pakistan Relief Fund, c/o LongHill Partners, Inc,Sunset Farm Offices, RT 4, Woodstock, VT 05091
  • Outreach to Schools and Businesses -- ?????
  • Outreach to Student and Interfaith Organizations -- AJ Siegel

Contact: Jon Schull schull @ 585-738-6696

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